Here I am now, stranded in Yulara, Northern Territory lol. I am now working for Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, at Sails in The Desert Hotel to be precise, as food and beverage attendant, again. It’s a well-known company which employs many indigenous people, to prepare them to work in a bigger scale. If you open the G-map, our location is almost in the centre of the continent. We have IGA, post office, souvenir shops, and a few places to eat; all located in Town Square.

The first two weeks were very hard for me, I got a few personal problems and I didn’t have my friends with me in person. About the job, it is harder than the one that I had. Even though fine dining restaurant at Duxton seemed to be more stressful and the sequence was longer there, I still find it’s harder here working at the bar lol. But slowly but sure, I began to have friends <3

Actually, our counsellor even warned us not to tell stories or venting our problems to friends because just in caseeee, they’re not really your friends. And Yulara, is such a small town, we have about 1400 residents here, working and living together. Word of mouth can go faster than speed of light, I’m worried lol. That was why I didn’t want to open up to anyone; but now since I have changed, my world changed. Besides, all the people that I’ve met here are nice and I have a few people that I love the most here so far.

It’s gonna be a long journey here, let’s see what stories will be told.

217.45 FM

10th June 2019; my last day in Perth. The city that was so perfect for me: not too crowded, not too quiet. On that day, I left the apartment that was so perfect for me: not too expensive, colourful, located in CBD and so comfortable to live at. On that day, I left all the friends that had been fighting with me together in our Australia lives.

As I wrote already, I cried so much on my last day at Duxton, I just loved everything there so much and they loved me back. I cried again on (we thought) the last night for me and Ayu since I would be on the road trip on the next day and by the time I came back, Ayu would be in Tasmania for holiday. I still had the chance to have fun with Rusi on the road trip and after that, Rusi had to fly in to mining site and (we thought) we were separated not long after.

Call me sentimental because yes, I am a feeling person lol. It was just sad for me. I understand that people come and go, that’s life tho but still, separation is never easy.

I met Rusi and Ayu in Darwin and we have been friends for more than a year already. Fate brought us to have new lives in Perth and we had different jobs then, except for me and Ayu. To be honest, I never thought that I could be living together for a long time with other people because I’m a sensitive person, and based on the previous experiences, there were more problem when I was too close to anybody lol. And yes, living together, sharing almost everything, to blend in, to have that sense of belonging, it’s just like, you surrender yourself, you melt your ego for the good of the many.

Was it me who grew up or was it just because we were so matched to each other, I don’t know. Most of the time, I didn’t mind to clean the unit; Rusi didn’t mind to cook for us whenever she was in the city, and Ayu, the busiest person in the pack, didn’t mind to help us buying things (saved us from walking down to Woolies lol), or helped us with anything.

We could spend literally HOURS, to talk about random things, or simply watching movies. I am not like them who follow influencers in social media, so whenever they talked about that, I was out. But aside of that, we shared sooo many meaningful topics and it felt better with snacking lol. We never ran out of food; as long as you have Rusi in the pack, you’re safe. They know my stories, they know my true self, they know my past and I am naked to them. Now that I left them already, knowing that we will walk separately, I couldn’t hold my tears.

Dear Ayu

We literally spent everyday in the apartment; when everybody else worked out from Perth, you were always there for me. You were there when I was crazy over someone, you heard my story, you cried with me, you felt the hurt in me, you simply listened to my story and it was what I needed. You were one of the best workmates I have ever had, we understood each other and helped each other. You are my inspiration; how come you maintained working in two places, killed those busy days and never got sick?! lol. You are smart, you easily understand everything. Thank you for putting an effort to make notes for us at the pass. And thank you for so many movie recommendations even though there are still so many movies we can’t watch together anymore :'( And I really like your simple state of mind, I wish someday I can be at least 10% of you. I really wish you happiness, in every path you take, Yuuu. Love you.

Dear Rusi,

You are really something. I knew you from the start and even though Australia is the first place for you to live alone, your survival skill amazed me soooo much. I really like your brain, the whole brain lol. I like how smart you are, I like how you can use your common sense to manage situation, I like how deep the conversation could be whenever I talked with you. Yes you’re four years younger than me but sometimes I felt like you were the one who guided me lol. I like how you could be selfless to help others, how you think about others, especially about food xD. Thank you for inspiring me about many things. I really wish you to be happy as well, that you could find your Harvey Moeis. Despite of all the bad labels you put for yourself, you are actually an amazing person and has the wife material xD. Love you Uciiii.

We love to eat
We love to eat (2)
I told ya we love to eat….at Rusi’s birthday celebration.
Love you my hobbits xD

I also want to shout out to my Indonesian friends that I spent days in Perth with: Andy, Cia, Tika, Ian, Okta, Gwenn, Adit, Hardi, Handoyo, Yervan. I am blessed to know you <3 Perth always felt like home when I was with you guys :’) Let’s be happy, wherever we are.

A short trip to Yanchep to see lavenders.
From being the richest to the second richest. What a loss. Lol
The best Italian food!
Before we took SUPER FUNNY video of Idul Fitri xD

The last two pics were from my last day in Perth :’)

Can’t remember the last time I talked with Cia xD yeah, shit happens. I hope she’s happy.
At last, see ya my best friends, it’s definitely not a good bye.

Teletubbies Hill in Perth

I feel so blessed to be back to Perth for the second time and I experienced so many new things during this period of time. I was badly broken-hearted, I met so many friends from many nationalities, met a new love from different country (I deeply regret it later lol), I stepped up at my work place and I’m proud I was be able and given the opportunity to upgrade myself.  I’m just happy to be here. I’ve been staying in Perth since last November and I need to go to the North in July to complete the third year Work and Holiday Visa requirement. However, I didn’t expect to leave sooner.

Firewater Grille restaurant. Image courtesy of JBM Projects.

This is the place I was working at. Firewater Grille (FWG) is the restaurant of 5-star hotel in Perth CBD, Duxton Hotel. Even though I only had a short experience as a waitress (thank you Exotic North Indian Restaurant in Darwin, you guys taught me this field), I didn’t know how to make barista coffee, and had a limited knowledge of wine; our manager still chose me, had faith in me, and wanted to nurture me under his wings. To add things up, I met so many kind-hearted colleagues from the service to the kitchen who were so patient with me and they assisted me to learn. Seriously! This one I’m not exaggerating. It didn’t take a long time for me to meet many best buddies there <3.

One thing I liked working there is that our manager challenged me so much. I had to learn everything quickly but I also always had colleagues who wanted to teach me those things: how to make coffees, understanding the menu, how to change cutleries, how to take order properly and handle a section, how to answer the phone, taking care of reservation, dealing with room service, handling payment and aaaargghh I just realized so many things that I learned there lol.

My manager also trusted me to serve our new General Manager’s table most of the time. I felt so honoured yet stressed actually; I gave myself the pressure to do everything perfectly since he’s our new general manager. I felt I need to represent the quality of the service of our restaurant. Time went by and GM’s image wasn’t that pressuring anymore, we even could talk casually.

FWG has won several awards and it’s really a fancy restaurant tho. We have breakfast and lunch buffet, high tea during lunch time on every weekend and a la carte dinner every day. I met various guests from the rude ones to the kind and inspiring ones. Mostly, the guests were very appreciative and even though the atmosphere is kinda formal, they always liked my cheap jokes and they threw jokes to me as well. Our restaurant gave countless surprise birthday/anniversary plates that could make our guests burst into tears. I still remember one guest was so touched to be surprised that way. She thought she couldn’t celebrate her birthday this year because she had a hard time battling with cancer. Some other guests would share with me the key to stay in love for more than 20-40 years of marriage and they hugged me when I needed the most. I also liked the nationality guessing game. From all the guests who asked where I come from, only 1 could guess I am from Indonesia lol.

Due to my visa work limitation, I can only work for one employer for 6 months but we actually have several ways to extend it. I thought I could extend and still work until July but I found out I couldn’t on the day my 6 months limitation was up. The point is, I was so sad but still grateful to be able to work for the last time. Our manager and colleagues were shocked and I couldn’t do anything. I cried a lot especially when I met GM and he said I’ve done a good job. I feel bad to my manager because he was preparing me to be team leader. I’ve trained to open and close the restaurant and I also had the experience to run the operational of dinner once. We thought there would be more nights for me to be the person in charge, but naahhh lol :’( I cried because I loved the restaurant and the people so much. I knew I had to leave sooner or later but separation is always saaaaddd :’(

From this blog post, I just want to give you guys my deepest gratitude. I’m happy I met so many kind-hearted and helpful friends. The days there weren’t perfect, we had problems, arguments; but in the end, we kept being friends and we kept helping each other. I found FWG is like Teletubbies Hill where all the Teletubbies like to hug. I could always boost my mood from hugging my friends there, I literally hugged almost everyone lol. Friends from the restaurant also helped me to realize that love can come from anyone, anywhere, in any form and any way. I’m grateful I could upgrad myself and it was because of you guys, you helped me to make it happen. I thank my manager, the chefs, my supervisors, my general manager, and alllllll people, omg.

My early days at FWG.
We also have Club Lounge, special place for people who stays at our Club floors. I was helping doing dishwasher on Australia Day.
My farewell. So grateful for those who made to come and see me.

I’m ready to move on but you guys must know but I heart you, so much.

Peace out. Love you.


The featured image of this page is courtesy of Duxton Hotel Perth.


Life is indeed a never ending adventure. Cia, Rusi, and I decided to leave Darwin, to leave stability, to leave ongoing income without a clear assurance about the next job. Rusi could’ve climbed up (she was already a supervisor tho), Cia got so many hours and her work was trusted. Me? Eventho my wrist hurts and I had to have it rested, my manager helped me to keep being productive by giving me easy tasks. In my eyes, I really had the stability. BUT! Blame our ages, we’re still so young that we want to explore more. The plan of moving to Perth had emerged since a month before but we kept delaying it until it reached one point and I realized the universe was working on us! We searched for flight ticket but Cia’s instinct said better no hurry. She actually wanted us to do road trip instead of flying. Rusi suddenly watched Instastory of her friend; doing road trip by campervan for a very cheap price by relocating the van from one to another state. Somehow I also suddenly read my friend’s, Wilson Sumbayak’s Instagram post which boosted up our spirits. Minutes after that, we found a perfect ride from Darwin to Perth from We booked rightaway lol.


Don’t plan too much he said. Set your direction and let’s pack no matter if you’ll fail or succeed. Sometimes you just need the courage (eventho it looks reckless).

Anyway, this relocation thing really helped us to save the money! All you have to do is to visit Coseats and find your desired trip (and good deal if you’re lucky).

Darwin-Perth was only had one deal. We were lucky tho. And in case you’re asking if we really paid $1 per day, well……


Yes we did


So the deal required us to relocate the campervan in a week and you can see we had to pay $100 on the 7th day because $1/day is only for the first 6 days. Actually Apollo asked us if we wanted to return in a day earlier but we wasn’t confident we could drive 4100km that fast. Plus, we’ll be charged extra if we deliver it late so yeahhh we chose to pay $100 :'( But you can see it was actually a good deal and some deals are good enough about the fuel policy. In our case, we got $50 refund of fuel but some can give you refund muuuchhh more, e.g. $700. Y so cheap? Because we basically helped the company to deliver the vehicle to the state where it was booked. And to us, it was a nice deal because the airplane ticket could cost $350 per pax. We’d rather add up a bit more and enjoy the scenery tho.

Anyway, we only had a limited time to do preparation but thank Gooooddd we worked at hotel coz there are so many leftovers that we could take and it saved us so much money. We didn’t buy toiletries, things we use in cooking such as cooking oil, salt, pepper, and many other spices and seasonings, linens to cover our beds, any many more. Another problem arose: capacity. Cia and I only brought 1 carrier and 1 backpack each, and a guitar. But you won’t believe Rusi lol! She brought 2 luggages, 1 daypack, and 2 more tote bags of her daily essentials. Cia and I worried so much where the heck we should place her belongings xD not to mention we packed so many shopping bags about our cooking items. But yeah, we could think about it later as preparation was the thing we had to do at that time.

To be honest we didn’t have a proper time to prepare for the road trip because we still worked in the past week and hotel was still busy plus we had a farewell party on the day before we left. Our manager and supervisor came up with and idea: International Food Day. Each person should bring one of traditional food of their country. So imagine even on the last day before we went we were still busy cooking xD. I cooked Nasi Liwet, Cia cooked Bakwan Jagung, Rusi hired someone to cook Rendang Sapi as she had a very high expectation of it but apparently she was not happy with it, three of us were.


Just finished cooking at Rusi’s place.


Not the complete one.


We had Fijian, Thai, Indonesian, Nepalese, Papuan, and Filipino foods. So nice! Can’t believe we were so good in cooking.


Maigad so blurred T^T. But well, I’m gonna miss these Indo girls :*


Last family picture <3 Not a full squad tho ;”(


Can’t believe it had been 6 months for me to work there. From the state of “I want to quit!” in literally everyday to the state “I’m gonna miss this.” To my manager, Ana, you’re something! You’re tough and sometimes scary but I know your heart is so tender. You are very compassionate and thank youuuu for helping me throughout my hard times and thank you for molding me to be tougher and better. And to my supervisor, Vini, I’m gonna miss your laughter. Your smile, laughs, jokes, and foods will be remembered xD. I always adore how inspiring your life is and parts of you as a mother are things I want to have someday. Thank youuuu. Good thing of this parting is, I left together with my 2 close workmates that I didn’t feel alone lol but I’m definitely gonna miss everything about Oaks.



Bye trolley.


D-day has come! Cia and I went to get the campervan and woooo, we were so spoiled by it. Four people can fit in the van and it has 2 beds, kitchen, sink, microwave, fridge, good air flow, etc! Niceeeeee <3 Watch this and you’ll be amazed. Cia was the first to drive and was so challenged to drive a van lol! But the van was really nice; smooth, automatic transition and really had good power.

Time to part came for real. We cried as we knew we couldn’t spend many days of togetherness with people we love in Darwin anymore but we’re still in Australia anyway. We hope we’ll meet again someday.

Thank you Darwin. I thank you so much.



The Northern Territory

Welcome to the two season state in Australia!

Autumn was just started and the temperature was down to 9-14°C at night when I left Perth. There were days when I wished the toilet seat had heater lol. On April 27th, I said bye bye to the cold weather (it wasn’t even that cold because it wasn’t even winter!). I left Perth wearing t-shirt, covered by a sweater and it didn’t take 10 minutes to have my body sweating from the heat in Darwin lol. Darwin was fcking hot and humid!

I went straight to my new place, hungry, and a kind housemate appeared and shared her lunch with me *cryinghysterically*. Thank you Okta! My place was located not far from the CBD and omg Darwin CBD is so small xD. I remember Han was astonished when we went to Perth CBD and he said: I feel like coming from the jungle, there are no tall buildings in Darwin CBD like this. LOL. I felt like downgrading myself but who cares! I’ve got a job hereeee!!! Actually, Darwin is not that pathetic; speaking of tall buildings, I think the hotel where I work at is high, 26 floors tho! But yea, you can barely see other tall buildings here, you can only count with one hand lol! And whoever said Perth is quiet, Darwin is much much more quiet to me T^T. And it’s a good thing when the centre is small, you can walk on foot to everywhere. I only have to walk 25 mins from my place to the hotel 😉

I completed all application documents on my first day in Darwin and I got accepted right away; would start working on May 2nd! I also remember Han suggested me to print out my resumes, take a day to walk around the city and drop them to restaurants, cafes, etc. The dry season had just started in Darwin and that means more tourists will come, good business, and more people to hire. Han also said finding a job in Darwin wasn’t hard therefore he insisted me to move here ASAP. What he said was right. The day after I came to Darwin, I dropped my resumes and one restaurant called me and asked me to work starting on THAT DAY. *cheers to a new good life xD*

Exotic North Indian Cuisine (image from Google)

Exotic North Indian Cuisine is practically the first job I had in Darwin. It’s located in Cullen Bay and it has a beautiful view of parked private boats in Cullen Bay Marina area. Many customers said we have the best Indian foods in Darwin, some of them also said, the best Indian foods they had ever tasted. I agree tho, the foods there are super delicious! I got accepted there as a waitress and all the people there were soooo kind :'( Especially other waitresses; they taught me everything and molded me from nothing to be a waitress that receives appreciations from customers. All the kitchen staffs are Punjabi people and most of the waitresses are Nepalese. They are soooo kind, love them :’).

Working as waitress became my second job and I only worked in evening. My first job is of course working as housekeeper at Oaks Elan Darwin Hotel.

Image from Google

My first 2 months there was hard! Housekeeping was haaaaaardddd! You rooms need to be (almost) perfect: clean, nice, tidy, and presentable. To make a very nice room is not hard but the problem is you need to get it done within a limited period of time. My manager, supervisor, and workmates are nice and kind but I was stressful because of myself lol. I always came late because I wasn’t get used to the routines. In the end, I still often finish late but as long as the rooms are clean, it’s tolerable. What I like about working at the hotel (especially in Australia), they are fair to you. Everything is money (not to mention the pay rate here is good xD). Weekdays, weekend, and public holiday have different rates. In Indonesia, I will not be happy if I have to work on weekend or public holiday but here, I happily welcome the roster because those days mean mooore money lol. Another benefit working as housekeeper is that you can keep the items that the guests left; we call it SHOPPING. Like recently, a big group of Singapore Defense Army stayed at our hotel. There were 2 batches, each batch stayed around 3 weeks. Those Singaporean bought so so so so so many things (especially foods) while were staying at our apartment rooms. They liked to cook by themselves. Whenever we did their check out rooms, it was like two sides of a coin: felt so crazy and tired to clean the super duper messy room but at the same time, you’ll find so many items left that you may need. It saves you so much money xD. The leftover things you can get: foods, spices, rice, fruits, instant noodles, ice creams, beers and wines, mosquito repellent, shampoos, liquid soaps, vapes, even household items, and of course, money :v

I’m still working there now and everything is better. Love being there <3

Really nice heh?

As WHV holder, we tend to get more physical jobs in the field that are seen lowly in Indonesia. There’s no way I have experience as waitress or housekeeper in Indonesia therefore it was kinda hard to apply the job here unless you have a good connection (so the employer can be more rest assured to hire you coz some don’t care about experience because they will train you anyway) or you’re one of the LUCKY BASTARDS (that’s how we call lucky whv holders here lol). The key to survive is to have the can-do attitude and maintain good relationship with workmates.

My manager in the middle

Before morning briefing lol

Wait until you see housekeepers with make up. *Damn blurred T^T*

I think I am so lucky, I met so many good people here from many nationalities. And I am so thankful because I made new good friends here, with Indonesians. With friends, life becomes so much easier and enjoyable. Because of them, I become happier. You’ll find the story soon 😉

Forever Home

If you have read my previous post, you’d remember I wrote about how I sensed Mark would be one of my biggest support systems. When my contractor contacted me that our farm cut me off, I was kinda in shock although I was expecting it to happen too at the same time. I only thought about one thing: I just wanted to runaway from Gingin. LOL! But, I got no money so I couldn’t afford to pay rent if I want to come back to Perth. I called my previous landlord but he didn’t pick up then I called Mark right away, in tears lol! After I explained everything, I asked, “Would you please help me to stay there and let me pay the rent later when I get any job?”. He answered right away, “I help you“.

I am forever grateful for your gesture, Mark <3

On 2nd April, I moved in to Mark’s house followed by a new guy a few hours later. He was Han; we talked earlier on Whatsapp regarding his choice to move in. My first impression of him: he was trying hard to look cool. HAHAHA. So, Han came to Perth from Darwin to pursue a new job which its office based in Perth. However, the recruitment process took so long that we even worried if Han didn’t get it ;( Meanwhile, I stayed jobless but thank God, I still got on-call job as cleaner. This time, it was Mark’s friend who helped me.


Wayne is Mark’s best friend and he owns a house nearby, only 4 houses away from Mark’s. He was going to renovate the house so he could move in and I was hired to clean the house and furniture which he eventually found it useless because he decided to put the house under major renovation lol. He was super funny and thoughtful! I was easily sweating while working and he was in panic; he kept shouting at me, “DRINK PRITHA, DRINK!” lol! And when I requested a 15 min lunch break, he said, “DON’T TAKE 15 MINS, TAKE 2 HOURS!” XD. Wayne became my best best best friend and I loooove him so much! He cared about me and Han; especially me coz Han is a guy lol! Sooooo, it was 3 of us in the house: Mark, Han, and Me. Sometimes 4, because Wayne often slept over at our place. And another friend of them, Duane, always paid a visit everyday. The house was merry and lively, I loooooveeeedddd the vibe.

My everyday routine was: woke up, had breakfast, applied many jobs online, cooked lunch for me and Han, sometimes stayed at home with Han, sometimes went somewhere with Han, then cooked dinner for me and Han, watched movies with Han and Mark, talked silly things with those guys including Wayne and Duane. Basically, Han and I were happy jobless pair. HAHA.

at the Fremantle.

I wasn’t sure if I took a pic of this beach but South Beach in Fremantle was also well known as dog beach.

At Cottesloe Beach. I spent hours swimming and tanning, I dunno what Han was doing lol!

On our way to have dinner at Northbridge.

Went to the market at Canning vale.

On our way to Serpentine, to see Ajahn Brahm’s meditation centre and Bodhinyana Monastery.

At Jhana Groove meditation centre.

Heirisson Island.

With this cutie at Heirisson Island.

With our friend, Hera, at Spencer Village food court. OMG, it has the best Indonesian restaurant!!!

The famous London court in Perth CBD.

Infinity flame.

State war memorial at Kings Park.

At Kings Park.

When we went to Kings Park, Han was informed he got the job. So happy!

Han was the one who helped me so much with the job thing. He is in the second year now and he had so much experience to tell. He taught me many things and he helped me to find a job in Darwin ;’) He recommended me to the place he worked at earlier and I finally got a job there. THANK YOU HAN :”'( My flight to Darwin was on April 27th, just two days after my birthday. And you know what, I was so thankful they celebrated my birthday!

Han, Duane, Wayne.
Cyntia, Me, and Mark.

Happy girl.

Mark, Wayne, and Duane are South-African born and I don’t know much about South African people, that was the first experience for me. What I could see was, they were so so nice :’) Their friendship and familyhood were strong and they loved to help each other. They were so warm and silly and omg, they were like my dads lol. I remember when I had a tinder date (first time for me) they were acting like grumpy fathers xD.

Han with South African guys.

I was so sad I had to leave Perth but I had no choice, Perth wasn’t meant for me at that time. And, I really really felt so thankful to be given the opportunity to work in Darwin (because I could also complete one of the requirements for my second year visa). Han worked hard; called A, B, and C to help me. I will be forever grateful and actually I miss our silly talks, our jokes, etc. Dunno how I will meet him again in the future but I hope he has the best of luck in his life.

Thank you Han.

Till we meet again

See you again Perth, my home.

Me Before You

It’s funny to think in a certain point of time, your life changed because of someone. I knew about this Work and Holiday Visa program from my senior, Christie; and my life in Perth, even in Australia, changed after I met Han. This is Han.


But I’m not going to talk about it now. Let me tell you about the bittersweet story as a newcomer when I was in Perth instead.

I chose Perth out of all other states in Australia because somehow it captured my heart even though I never came there before and it eventually really did. I came to Perth by myself after crazy delays in Indonesia airports. I still remember Perth airport was cold at 5 in the morning.  I’m grateful there were several Work and Holiday Visa (WHV) groups where I could ask about many things as well as about the accommodation. Redcliffe was where I lived for 2 months and I lived with a New Zealander guy and another WHV holder from Indonesia.

As I said in the previous blog, the first 2 weeks were the hardest lol! I cried a lot, made so many video calls with my friends and family. The house where I lived wasn’t warm either; my housemate, Cyntia, was kind but she didn’t talk much and my landlord was a serious man that I somehow preferred avoid talking too much about serious matters. My first impression about Australia: beautiful and expensive but not that expensive. I could still manage to spend my money well but transportation in Perth was kinda pricey. After several days of playing around, I was ready to enter the battle field: JOB HUNTING.

It was hard to find a job there and not to mention I had no experience they needed: barista, waitress, housekeeper, etc. I applied many jobs online and dropped resumes at many cafes or restaurants but thank God, one day I finally got accepted for a trial. So, some places will request trial from applicants and we are usually asked to do 2 hours working so employer can decide if they want to hire us.  I was so happy when they invited me to do so; I told my parents, my friends; I bought new outfits and new shoes (here all new workers usually wear all black). On the D day, I arrived 1.5 hour earlier; I put makeup on and felt so nervous! Then I was asked to work as a server. That was my very first damn time working like that! I had no experience at all and I thought all I needed was a good mentality. But I got no confidence, I worked so timidly when I served coffees (and seriously why coffee must be served so full like it want to spill??); 15 mins later the manager called me and sent me home politely. I knew I didn’t make it.

My day went even worse, I was rejected to be a Plasma donor by Australia Red Cross because I got typhoid 8 years ago. I had to see a doctor to get medical clearance and to prove that I was free from the virus but seeing a doctor and running a blood test were very costly to me at that time. I was thinking like, “Oh come on! Even I am rejected to donate my blood too?!” :'( I kept having unlucky days about the job seeking but I one day I saw an ad in the group to work as gardener and I grabbed it so fast so tadaaa, my very first job in Perth was to be an on-call gardener lol. My very first boss was an Indonesian lady who owns a house in Perth but left it for months that its yard covered by 40-cm deep dead leaves. I worked 6 hours to sweep ALL and clean the outside of the house. My body was sore but believe me, nothing beat the good feeling about having a job lol!

I made a good friend with Venny, another Indonesian girl who lived 4 houses away from me. I spent so much time with her; she was very talkative and I found it was comfortable to hangout with her.

We had this view in just 2 kilometers away from our homes!

I found it first when I went out for a jog. Venny liked this so much!

Her landlord, Mark, was a very adorable man lol! All of us had fun in the summer! We went to Hillarys Beach (I had fun so much I didn’t care about taking pictures) and Yanchep Lagoon with Mark’s boys.

Handsome boy.

Someday Venny and I got an opportunity to work at a farm in Gingin. I thought it was like a destined job for us because everything happened like it was meant to be. We moved fast; we found another 3 people to share car and house expenses in Gingin.

We had a small farewell with friends in Redcliffe. Mark in white shirt, Venny is on my left.

I knew Mark would be one of my greatest support systems ever since he hugged me and wished me a good luck. So, yeap, we were ready for our new life in Gingin!

Gingin is located about 90km away from Perth and what I liked about the journey was the road scenery! We passed Swan Valley, a famous winery and we could see many grape farms along the way. Actually the view was mostly about bushes but dunno what it looked so damn good lol! Gingin is a pretty small town, I fell in love with it.

Our favorite garden where we usually had our lunch. There’s a small mill and SO MANY DUCKS.

From the backyard of our house.

How lovely.


The farm.

The farm is managed by a big company and we were hired as raspberry pickers. I thought it would be a quite easy job, just picking fruits you know. BUT I FAILED. They cut me off after 2 weeks because I was always in bottom 5. There were 20 something pickers and everyday there would be a list from the fastest to the slowest picker. To me it was kinda ridiculous and not so fair because we had to pick ALL fruits (ripe, overripe) but we were paid based on piece rate; on how many packs of good fruits you can do in a day. Most of the fast pickers, they only picked whatever were visible in their eyes, mostly in the top area of the plants. They didn’t care about the fruits that lied under and the supervisor would always told us to pick all fruits, the overripe fruits too. I was kinda scared to rebel and I just wanted to follow the system so I spent much time doing the right thing. Plus, I was so selective when I packed my fruits. All were good fruits, I didn’t cheat (because there was a trick: hide the several bad fruits so you wouldn’t lose so many numbers of packing). I was an idealist, I worked honestly but sometimes idealism can help you nothing. That’s how I lost my job.

Que Sera Sera

I lost much money. I hurt my feet and my knees yet I didn’t regret anything. And I was thankful I got fired therefore I met Han in the next day.

Later, Gingin!

Living To The Fullest

Good day, Mate! Cheers from Straya! xD

It’s been 6 months since I came to Australia and I am still in the same euphoria as when I landed my feet at Perth International Airport on last 20th February 2018. Life has been so good to me until now. Several days ago, I reread my old blog (here) and flash-backed how I was so confused with my life back then. Quarter-life crisis hit me and I was really not happy with myself; kept asking about what I should’ve been. I demanded myself to know what to do even though I knew finding an identity was not that simple; at least for me. If I have to ask myself right now, I still don’t have a good picture about my future: about what kind of long-term job I want to do, what kind of life style I want to have, etc; BUT, ever since I came here I got so much resources to move and explore.

I am a Work and Holiday Visa holder (visa subclass 462). Only 1000 people from Indonesia can go to Australia with this visa in a year. The first time I heard about this was in 2015 and I actually wanted to join in the next batch in 2016. Somehow life gave me another privilege to enjoy my time in Indonesia until I finally departed in Feb 2018. I still remember I started to aim this in early 2017 and I thought I was be able to make it in the same year. Nevertheless, I never regret anything and I really really believe in God’s timing. During my waiting period, I enjoyed my work life with Jasmine Tease, I enjoyed my friends company, and I enjoyed spending time with my family until the time for me to go had come.

It was hard indeed. I had never lived alone before and fully depended on myself; being away from home made me really sad! I really missed my Unyung, my family, my friends, my clay, and everything. The first 2 weeks were the hardest and it was worse because I didn’t have so many activities to do. It was hard to find a job and I didn’t have much money to survive PLUS, I still had bills to pay in Indonesia. It was hard yes, I should’ve been so stressed but funny, I was so happy too! Life somehow tasted much sweeter when I had no money. I thank universe for leading my life this way and I am so grateful I met so many kind people whom without them, I wouldn’t have been here, living happily right now.

Now, I have a job, I earn good money, I can help my parents and others, I have savings, I can go on holidays, I meet so many good friends, and most importantly, I KNOW WHAT TO DO at least in the next 5 years. Seriously, that’s what makes me soooooo happy. Well, everything is uncertain; I may get many surprises along the way; I may experience the good and the bad. But, good? bad? who knows! I totally dare to live my life to the fullest.


Hello from Tangerang!

It’s been three weeks since I got back home this month and I want to tell you about my second home in Bali, Ubud.

Well, I stayed in Ubud since March 13th until April 5th 2017. I planned to stay in Ubud for months but things went out of plan! I ran out of money (lost control here lol) and I couldn’t find a suitable job. I also missed crafting so much, so, yeah. I have told you in earlier post why I chose Ubud but actually Ubud is much much much more than that! I haven’t even explored everything cool in Ubud but here is compilation about it.


Goa Gajah

Mostly there are some stone ruins, a bathing place and a cave to meditate. I had to hire a local guide to know more about it. Unluckily, the tourists on that day aren’t from English-language countries and I couldn’t listen to it for free lol.

Entrance of the cave. There are statues of Ganesha and well, I forgot the other >.<



Tegenungan Waterfall

From above. We had to walk down the stairs to get there.

Which one is your focus?


Tegalalang Terrace


So many people visit just to see rice terrace. Including me T_T


Like, SO MANY!

But I read a book, Bali is outstanding for the irrigation system the people built even from the 9th century. The scheme is complex and clever because water is very important for Balinese; well water is important for everyone but Bali really take the irrigation system to the next level. Let me quote articles from Wikipedia xD

Subak is a traditional ecologically sustainable irrigation system that binds Balinese agrarian society together within the village’s Bale Banjar community center and Balinese Temples. The water managements is under the authority of the priests in water temples, who practice Tri Hita Karana Philosophy, a self-described relationship between humans, the earth and the gods. Tri Hita Karana draws together the realm of spirit, the human world and nature. The overall subak system exemplifies this philosophical principle. Water temple rituals promote a harmonious relationship between people and their environment through the active engagement of people with ritual concepts that emphasize dependence on the life-sustaining forces of the natural world. Rice is seen as the gift of god, and the subak system is part of temple culture.


Here are famous places that I actually never visited xD

Monkey Forest

Just like Sangeh, this place is full of monkeys. You need to pay entrance fee for 50k for adults.

Image courtesy of Google


Museum of Antonio Blanco

A very unique artist named Antonio Blanco captured traditional Balinese women who were half naked in everyday life.

Courtesy of Google


Caption same

My friend, Monica went there and she said it was nice seeing those paintings.


Bukit Campuhan

Just a hill which is famous as morning jog spot. If only I were a morning person -.-

Again, courtesy of Google


You can see so many souvenir shops along the roads but the items there are a bit pricey. If you want to buy things in bulk, you can go ahead to the way of Tegalalang. Soooooo many shops on the side road and most of them made by its own crafters. So the shops are more like the crafters’ gallery you know.





Most of the neighborhood looks so traditional. For example, the place where Monica’s staying or my hostel at Ode Hostel (on Monkey Forest Rd.); generally it looks so Balinese. The architectural layout or designs although the room inside isn’t that traditional.


View right from my hostel’s terrace.


The modern look is contributed by the shops/bars/restaurants you see along the famous streets and places in Ubud. You can also see shops you also meet in Jakarta like Fipper, Breadline, Wakai, etc. However, don’t expect to eat KFC, McDonalds, or Hoka Hoka Bento here. They are prohibited.
I don’t spend much money in this section but what I can say is that Ubud has so many tempting restaurants. Restaurants, cafes or bars here are so nicely decorated and I really really wanted to try eating something expensive but…couldn’t afford them much. Anyway, so many vegan restaurants here because I heard vegan has been such a popular lifestyle among foreigners; and I still wonder why vegan food is much more expensive since it only has vegetables in it T_T.
You can also watch movies together with other customers in these following restaurants: Blackbeach, Alchemy, Paradiso, Roam. You can see the movie schedule by checking on the web or simply take the flyer there. I have tried to watch twice in Blackbeach and Paradiso. It was a nice experience.

Monica and I watched French movie in Blackbeach and so sorry Blackbeach, we only ordered arak (15k) and wedang jahe (7k) LOL!!! Cheapest cinema ever! It was quite different in Paradiso, customers should pay 50k to get the ticket while you can also use it to buy food inside.


So worth it!

I went there with my new friend from Czech Republic, Lenka. I use the money I spent to buy something cheap, which was below 50k, so I didn’t have to pay more. I chose Granola thing soup (something with Granola and fruits). Lenka asked why I ordered breakfast menu. Sh*t I didn’t even know it was breakfast menu, I only chose it because it was cheap lol! With so much pride, I answered: “I want to eat light.”

We watched Doctor Strange and it was niiiiiiceeeeeeee….! Paradiso is so cool.

How cozy!


Both young and old people enjoyed it.



So many long-term travelers from all over the world come to Bali and I don’t really know but I saw so many people working in Bali. Some of them use 1 laptop and I even saw a guy who brought 2 laptops and did things with music editing, I wasn’t sure. So many digital nomads these days and they need a place with good ambiance and strong wi-fi.

While I was in Ubud I mostly went to Onion Coworking Space, it’s donation based and so friendly!

So Homey!

I was in Onion during my hard day, thankfully only 2 people were there since it was Saturday lol. Here I found a book that seem could help me.

They also have restaurants and guest house outside. They also have pool and guests are welcome.


Outdoor space.

There are still 2 more famous co-working space in Ubud, they are Hubud and Outpost. They are expensive but somehow so many people go there because connection is also a good investment. For example, my friend Monica, she got jobs in Ubud from people she met in co-working space. It’s a good opportunity!

I never been to Hubud but I visited Outpost. Frankly saying, I love Outpost.

Open pools and river view



I stayed in 2 different hostels when first arrived there. As usual, I swiped leeeeeft on the price range section and I saw “Halaman Depan” Hostel! Only 35k per night!! But sorry I must say the place isn’t that good (well, worth it for that cheap price actually). Later I moved to Ode Hostel on Monkey Forest Road, the ambiance there was nice and near Ubud Center so, I liked it.

Living Room

The Dorm



When I was in Ubud I din’t explore much because I gotta do part time job which was helping Monica to make menu board for an Gelato Shop. Anyway, the gelato was very delicious! Drop a visit to Ice Dream when you go to Ubud Market or Monkey Forest!



I also had a chance to visit some less crowded place in Bangli and Padang Bai.

I went to Dusun Kuning Waterfall and oh my goodness, quite scary because I had to trek for about 15 mins to get to the waterfall. It was just me at the waterfall, lol! I suddenly remember the moments I had with friends at Batu Mentas, Belitung. If I were with my friends, it would be fun.

I didn’t notice the way in. Glad there were some locals at that time

Quite nice huh


Then I went to Bloolagoon in Padang Bai. Andri told me about this place and the most exciting part was I could do snorkeling from the beach. I bought mask and snorkel in 2015 and never used it wtf! So happy to finally use them.


So hyped when I saw this


A few small boats floating


I could only swim for about 20 mins until a storm came. Overall, I love all the experience that day.

Anyway, this is the end of Bali story. I hope you like it! See ya.

Details of Belitung Trip

Hey Guys!

Sudah baca dong blog tentang perjalanan gw dan teman-teman gw ke Belitung?

Setelah post beberapa foto di Instagram, gw dapat beberapa pertanyaan standar mengenai detail perjalanan ke Belitung dari teman-teman yang mau cobain trip ke Belitung. Demikianlah gw coba buat rangkuman informasi dari perjalanan gw. Enjoy!





Ada 2 opsi yang paling banyak digunakan orang-orang dari Pulau Jawa untuk bisa sampai ke Pulau Belitung. Bila ingin membawa mobil pribadi, bisa menggunakan kapal laut yang berangkat dari Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok. Perjalanan memakan waktu sekitar 1 hari dan sayang sekali gw gak dapat info mengenai cost membawa mobil dari Tanjung Priok ke Belitung.

Gw prefer naik pesawat karena lebih cepat dan efisien, dan bila kalian mau bisa ambil penerbangan paling pagi karena harga biasanya paling murah. Gw dan teman-teman selalu pilih penerbangan pertama dan total cost kami kira-kira Rp 620.000/pax PP, sudah termasuk tax dan lain-lain. FYI, itu bukan tiket promo 😉 Kemarin kami menggunakan maskapai Citilink dan all went smoothly, gak pakai delay.



Di Belitung tidak ada angkutan umum sehingga mau tidak mau kita harus menyewa kendaraan. Banyak situs rental mobil Belitung. Kalau gak mau pakai supir (lepas kunci), harga rata-rata sekitar 250rb-300rb per hari. Kebetulan kami kenal dengan pemilik rental dan dapat harga murah 200rb/hari. Silakan hubungi langsung bila berminat:

DEDY | 0878-9649-4746



  1. Danau Kaolin
  • Merupakan area terbuka situs penambangan Kaolin.
  • Lokasi: Desa Air Raya, Tanjung Pandan. Areanya terbuka dan mobil bisa masuk ke area dengan mudah.
  • Tidak dipungut biaya retribusi di sini.


  1. Batu Mentas
  • Merupakan taman wisata alam dan konservasi binatang Tarsius yang terletak di kawasan hutan lindung.
  • Lokasi: Dusun Kelekak Datuk, Kecamatan Badau (sekitar 30km dari Tanjung Pandan).
  • Biaya retribusi sebesar Rp 10.000 per orang.
  • Biaya sewa ban (body rafting) Rp 10.000 per ban (optional).


  1. Replika SD Laskar Pelangi
  • Replika SD Muhammadiyah ini dibuat untuk keperluan syuting film Laskar Pelangi yang diangkat dari novel Andrea Hirata. Filmnya hits di tahun 2008.
  • Lokasi: Bukit Raya, Desa Lenggang, Kecamatan Gantung. Jarak dari bandara kira-kira 65km.
  • Retribusi Rp 3.000/orang.
  • Menjual oleh-oleh khas Belitung yaitu aksesoris dengan pecahan Batu Satam. Batu Satam adalah salah satu bebatuan langka yang terbentuk akibat reaksi tubrukan meteor dan lapisan bumi yang mengandung timah tinggi jutaan tahun lalu. Bentuknya berwarna hitam dan tampak memiliki urat-urat khas.


  1. Pantai Nyiur Melambai
  • Lokasi: di Desa Lalang, Kecamatan Manggar, sekitar 90 km dari bandara.
  • Tidak dipungut biaya retribusi di sini.
  • Bagi kalian yang mau coba camping di pantai ini atau di area garis pantai ini bisa membeli perlengkapan dan makanan di Manggar. Pusat kecamatan Manggar ramai dan banyak toko agen sehingga harga bisa jadi lebih murah.


  1. Kampung Ahok dan Sanggar De Simpor
  • Replika rumah keluarga Ahok di tahunn 1920an dan dekat dengan rumah pribadi adik Ahok, Bp. Basuri. Sebelah rumah pribadi Bp. Basuri terdapat sanggar batik yang juga menjual beragam souvenir khas Belitung.
  • Lokasi: Kecamatan Gantung.
  • Tidak dipungut retribusi sama sekali bahkan toiletnya terbuka untuk siapa saja yang mau menumpang mandi.


  1. Pantai Bukit Batu
  • Pantai yang dikelola oleh pihak swasta dan merupakan pertemuan bukit dengan pantai. Terlihat juga banyak bebatuan  di sini. Terdapat saung dan WC umum.
  • Lokasi: Kecamatan Damar, sekitar 70km dari bandara.
  • Biasanya dipungut retribusi tapi kebetulan gw gak dipungut apa-apa saat berkunjung ke sini.


  1. Vihara Dewi Kwan Im
  • Tempat ibadah umat TriDharma ini kabarnya sudah berdiri sejak 300 tahun yang lalu. Pemandangan yang disajikan juga cukup OK, termasuk bisa ditemukan beberapa batu besar di lokasi ini. Saat ini sedang dibangun area terbuka dengan patung Dewi Kwan Im raksasa.
  • Lokasi: Desa Burung Mandi, Kecamatan Damar, sekitar 58.5 km dari bandara.


  1. Pantai Burung Mandi
  • Pantai komersil ini memiliki beberapa kafe pinggir pantai dan juga merupakan tempat di mana kapal-kapal nelayan berlabuh.
  • Lokasi: Desa Burung Mandi, Kecamatan Damar, sekitar 800m dari Vihara Dewi Kwan Im.


  1. Dusun Balitong
  • Merupakan Dusun di mana warganya beragama Hindu dan merupakan perantauan dari Pulau Bali beberapa puluh tahun lalu. Suasana dan arsitektur persis dengan yang ada di Bali.
  • Lokasi: Desa Pelepak Putih, Kecamatan Sijuk, sekitar 38 km dari kota Tanjung Pandan.


  1. Pantai Tanjung Tinggi
  • Merupakan salah satu spot landmark Belitung yang paling sering dikunjungi dan bahkan pernah dijadikan sebagai salah satu lokasi syuting film Laskar Pelangi Juga. Di lokasi ini, wisatawan disajikan dengan pemandangan bebatuan super besar super tinggi.
  • Lokasi: Desa Keciput, Kecamatan Sijuk, sekitar 30km dari Pusat Kota Tanjung Pandan


  1. Pantai Batu Banyak
  • Berjarak tempuh sekitar 10 menit dari lokasi Pantai Tanjung Tinggi. Pantai ini bisa diakses dari beberapa tempat komersil salah satunya restoran di pinggir pantai. Selain makanan, beberapa resto juga menyediakan kamar mandi untuk berbilas
  • Pantai paling OK untuk berenang karena lokasinya bersih dan pasir putihnya juga indah.