The Sweet Southwest

Since I have finished my six-month job in Perth and I had to leave Perth, one of the last things to do was to visit the Southwest with Rusi. We had been dreaming to go there but never got a chance (or never tried to really make it). Finally we’ve got friend to go and share the cost with lol.

Yerin (middle) is my Korean friend, we started working at Duxton together.

I was the sole driver for 2071 Kms in total for 3 days and I couldn’t believe I could safely bring us home; but believe me, driving in Australia is safe and easy compared in Indonesia. You just need to make sure not driving (too) tired.


Destination: Esperance

Place to sleep of the night: Pink Lake Tourist Park

It was a nice drive tho! I really liked the trees covering the side of the road. That day’s destination took us around 8 hours to get there so we didn’t really explore much because we need to be there not too late. We took a break in Corrigin, a cute town who really treasures dog so much. We passed a beautiful dog cemetery, dog statues at the park and we even spotted a veterinary center.

Rusi and I also shared a luggage to keep our blankets, food, and cooking things. But this is Yerin’s and dunno why I found it funny.

Then we passed a famous spot in Hyden, The Wave Rock.

Based on the information center, Wave rock is a 15 meters high granite cliff and the shape has been caused by weathering and water erosion which have undercut the base and left the rounded overhang. It left me in awe, such a unique shape that million years of erosion can make. We continued the journey and enjoyed the sun before it set for a while.

I was driving Holden and I just realized that I didn’t know how to turn on the light lol. Couldn’t spot the button or handle at the usual place in other cars and it took me a while to realize where the setting was xD. Anyway, we finally arrived at the tourist park at 6.30 pm, almost got no space to sleep because the office closed already lol but thank God, we made it. It cost us $49 to sleep at the unpowered site. We slept in the car, three of us. Yep, in a sedan.


Destination: Lucky Bay and Albany

Place to sleep of the night: Kalgan River Caravan Park

We woke up early morning so we could catch the sunrise but too bad, the weather wasn’t cooperating. There are so many beautiful places at the coast in Esperance and we managed to visit some of them. It was so beautiful, so quiet, and cold definitely.

Observatory Point
Very cool place!

Then we continued our journey to Lucky Bay at Cape Le Grand National Park, hoping we could see kangaroos at the beach. It should’ve taken us around 40 mins to get there but we took a bit longer since we stopped by at some spots, looking at cute cows. So many farms around there and the view were magnificent!

The price to get into the national Park was $13 for a vehicle and actually there’s a caravan Park at Lucky Bay too but you need to book beforehand. It was cloudy and raining when we got there but it didn’t last long tho. We burst to the beach after that and omigoooooooshhhhhhh Lucky Bay is really really beautiful.

I put off my shoes and touched the water; the sand also feels different. When I tried to write in the sand, it sounded like scratching nylon fabric and it kinda hurt when you ran on it lol.

The sand is solid as a whole but so soft when you pinch; confusing. We took so many pictures here but we weren’t lucky, no single kangaroo on sight.

We had lunch at the Pink Lake which is not pink at all (well, it used to be) and continued the trip to Albany. Another endless beautiful farms view but Yerin slept most of the time lol. We finally reached the caravan park before 6 pm but it was so dark already. The park was located quite far off the main road but kangaroos visit it daily! We couldn’t wait!


Destination: Albany Wind Farm, Margaret River, Perth

First things to do in the morning: brekkie and see the kangaroos!!

So many of them and they were so cute! Rusi and I tried our best to sneak in and took picture in quiet but Yerin was shouting in excitement. She probably scared the kangaroos but she was lucky not to be kicked lol. To me that was the best caravan Park I’ve visited so far: cheap, pretty, near valley and by the river, so many cute creatures.

Kalgan River

We then continued the trip to visit Albany Wind Farm, that was my first time seeing so many wind turbines and we hiked a bit to get to the lookout and we could see a forest in one side and a bay in the other side. So beautiful.

Yerin wasn’t feeling well and Rusi let her sit beside me hoping she could get better by looking at the beautiful views from the front seat but she dozed out again lol. Seriously, Albany region has TOO MANY BREATHTAKING view of valleys, farms, cute houses, and greeneries.

Then we passed Denmark and omg :’(, the town won several awards such as..i forgot. But Denmark is too pretty and I will come back there to explore the town. Can I get a job there in my third year visa? 😉

The State Forest

Managed to visit Margaret River for an hour and bought a wine as farewell gift for my manager.

At Cape Mentelle winery.
To be honest, I was so damn tired already but Perth was still 270 Kms away.

Luckily Yerin felt better and she continued talking to me that I had to make her stop lol. However, you saved us to get home, chingu-ya, gomawo. Finally, we made it to the Southwest and it was a super nice trip, one of beautiful last memories in my last days in Perth this year and I’ll never forget.

Thanks to you guys, I have so many pictures of me xD ♥️

Teletubbies Hill in Perth

I feel so blessed to be back to Perth for the second time and I experienced so many new things during this period of time. I was badly broken-hearted, I met so many friends from many nationalities, met a new love from different country (I deeply regret it later lol), I stepped up at my work place and I’m proud I was be able and given the opportunity to upgrade myself.  I’m just happy to be here. I’ve been staying in Perth since last November and I need to go to the North in July to complete the third year Work and Holiday Visa requirement. However, I didn’t expect to leave sooner.

Firewater Grille restaurant. Image courtesy of JBM Projects.

This is the place I was working at. Firewater Grille (FWG) is the restaurant of 5-star hotel in Perth CBD, Duxton Hotel. Even though I only had a short experience as a waitress (thank you Exotic North Indian Restaurant in Darwin, you guys taught me this field), I didn’t know how to make barista coffee, and had a limited knowledge of wine; our manager still chose me, had faith in me, and wanted to nurture me under his wings. To add things up, I met so many kind-hearted colleagues from the service to the kitchen who were so patient with me and they assisted me to learn. Seriously! This one I’m not exaggerating. It didn’t take a long time for me to meet many best buddies there <3.

One thing I liked working there is that our manager challenged me so much. I had to learn everything quickly but I also always had colleagues who wanted to teach me those things: how to make coffees, understanding the menu, how to change cutleries, how to take order properly and handle a section, how to answer the phone, taking care of reservation, dealing with room service, handling payment and aaaargghh I just realized so many things that I learned there lol.

My manager also trusted me to serve our new General Manager’s table most of the time. I felt so honoured yet stressed actually; I gave myself the pressure to do everything perfectly since he’s our new general manager. I felt I need to represent the quality of the service of our restaurant. Time went by and GM’s image wasn’t that pressuring anymore, we even could talk casually.

FWG has won several awards and it’s really a fancy restaurant tho. We have breakfast and lunch buffet, high tea during lunch time on every weekend and a la carte dinner every day. I met various guests from the rude ones to the kind and inspiring ones. Mostly, the guests were very appreciative and even though the atmosphere is kinda formal, they always liked my cheap jokes and they threw jokes to me as well. Our restaurant gave countless surprise birthday/anniversary plates that could make our guests burst into tears. I still remember one guest was so touched to be surprised that way. She thought she couldn’t celebrate her birthday this year because she had a hard time battling with cancer. Some other guests would share with me the key to stay in love for more than 20-40 years of marriage and they hugged me when I needed the most. I also liked the nationality guessing game. From all the guests who asked where I come from, only 1 could guess I am from Indonesia lol.

Due to my visa work limitation, I can only work for one employer for 6 months but we actually have several ways to extend it. I thought I could extend and still work until July but I found out I couldn’t on the day my 6 months limitation was up. The point is, I was so sad but still grateful to be able to work for the last time. Our manager and colleagues were shocked and I couldn’t do anything. I cried a lot especially when I met GM and he said I’ve done a good job. I feel bad to my manager because he was preparing me to be team leader. I’ve trained to open and close the restaurant and I also had the experience to run the operational of dinner once. We thought there would be more nights for me to be the person in charge, but naahhh lol :’( I cried because I loved the restaurant and the people so much. I knew I had to leave sooner or later but separation is always saaaaddd :’(

From this blog post, I just want to give you guys my deepest gratitude. I’m happy I met so many kind-hearted and helpful friends. The days there weren’t perfect, we had problems, arguments; but in the end, we kept being friends and we kept helping each other. I found FWG is like Teletubbies Hill where all the Teletubbies like to hug. I could always boost my mood from hugging my friends there, I literally hugged almost everyone lol. Friends from the restaurant also helped me to realize that love can come from anyone, anywhere, in any form and any way. I’m grateful I could upgrad myself and it was because of you guys, you helped me to make it happen. I thank my manager, the chefs, my supervisors, my general manager, and alllllll people, omg.

My early days at FWG.
We also have Club Lounge, special place for people who stays at our Club floors. I was helping doing dishwasher on Australia Day.
My farewell. So grateful for those who made to come and see me.

I’m ready to move on but you guys must know but I heart you, so much.

Peace out. Love you.


The featured image of this page is courtesy of Duxton Hotel Perth.

Water Here and There

From my traveling, I found several interesting topics that I want to dig in and Messi challenged me to write more serious stuff once in a while instead of just fun traveling stories. So yeahh, umm oke laa. From several topics, I will just write about water which related to my recent journey.

Lesmurdie Falls National Park

I chose to come here on my day off back in March because when I Googled it, it looked so pretty. Even though I knew there was a high probability of no flowing waterfall, I still came here because I needed to stay active. I was the only visitor at that time lol! I hesitated because I had to trek but I did it anyway. Besides, it’s only bushes in there and the trekking path is nicely visible tho, I was just hoping not to meet dangerous animals.

Ascending path. See? Only bushes everywhere lol.

It was a short trek up to the hill and Perth CBD was visible from far, pretty. Once I got to the waterfall, I only laughed to myself: See, no waterfall. It’s still summer! Anw, I met another ONE person and we took pics of each other.

Can you spot the water?

Talking about waterfall, that was the second time I visited waterfall in a wrong season. The first one was when I visited Jim Jim Waterfall in Northern Territory (NT) which I couldn’t even hear a single droplet fell down. It’s kind of serba salah, while in NT several waterfalls don’t operate in dry season but in certain days in wet season, the access to national parks will be closed due to flood or even scarier: CROCODILES. In certain parts of WA, you won’t see the water flowing during summer. You have to wait until Autumn or Winter which you would rethink if you wanna swim anyway. Serba salah. Maybe I should do more research to meet the needs tho.

Jim Jim Waterfall, only drips heard.

But seriously, I suddenly remember about waterfalls in Indonesia (especially in West Java). Those are non-stop working waterfalls and I just want to remind you who are in Indonesia right now that in this MATTER, you are so blessed. I remember when I was still in Indonesia, it was so easy to see rainforests and once I walked in the forest, I was always hypnotized by the scent of damp woods, the leaves. Green color dominates everything and the air is so cool. It is also easy to find water, the spring water from the mountain. And our waterfalls are always noisy, high debit of water always flowing 24/7.

The trek at Merbabu Mountain. I love rainforest.
Oenesu Waterfall in Kupang.

In contrast, Australia is a water poor country. I will talk about Western Australia (never been to any other states other than WA and NT lol) which is said as the driest state in Au. There are no countless big trees like in Indonesia, only bushes everywhere. Desert dominates the area and I can’t imagine living far from coast (85% of the population living within 50km of the coast of the very large continent with vast empty areas in the middle). Good thing that the government takes water issue SO SERIOUSLY and we live conveniently. No money to buy spring water? Drink potable water from your kitchen sink. The Swan River in Perth is also clean, not turbid or even looks so dark like in Ciliwung, no trashes, and maybe almost zero waste. I remember Indonesian boys really like to swim in river, which would be even nicer if they did it here, in a sense of cleanliness. But if I remember how the people in Indonesia treat our water makes me feel sad tho. There are still so many people near my house who throw trashes right into the river (the trash collection points are also located by the river and whenever the pile of trashes is too high, they will fall down to the river). Many women use detergent and wash clothes in the river and I also saw black-colored water (maybe waste) comes from a factory near Kalideres. I just can’t imagine how stupid we are just because we (still) have access to get water. We’re just being ungrateful right now.

In Australia, the government works so hard to give the best for the people. You can see the feedback when water sports in Australia are working. Every afternoon, you can see people kayaking, canoeing, or sailing with small ships in Swan River. They trust the water and find it enjoyable. But the good environment here is not something that happened easily; it took them hundreds of years to work on it and the consistency to give the best, a strong policy from government and obedient citizens make clean water accessible.

Where do you think we should start straightening out the tangled threads about water issue in Indonesia?