The Northern Territory

The Northern Territory 1

Welcome to the two season state in Australia! Autumn was just started and the temperature was down to 9-14°C at night when I left Perth. There were days when I wished the toilet seat had heater lol. On April 27th, I said bye bye to the cold weather (it wasn’t even that cold because it wasn’t even […]

Forever Home

Forever Home 3

If you have read my previous post, you’d remember I wrote about how I sensed Mark would be one of my biggest support systems. When my contractor contacted me that our farm cut me off, I was kinda in shock although I was expecting it to happen too at the same time. I only thought […]

Me Before You

Me Before You 4

It’s funny to think in a certain point of time, your life changed because of someone. I knew about this Work and Holiday Visa program from my senior, Christie; and my life in Perth, even in Australia, changed after I met Han. This is Han. But I’m not going to talk about it now. Let […]

Living To The Fullest

Living To The Fullest 5

Good day, Mate! Cheers from Straya! xD It’s been 6 months since I came to Australia and I am still in the same euphoria as when I landed my feet at Perth International Airport on last 20th February 2018. Life has been so good to me until now. Several days ago, I reread my old […]